Interesting, flexible and bespoke

We have been engaging with Luo Laoshi for just over ten years, and have found her training extremely useful. The study materials are user-friendly and the bespoke audio material created for each group is very helpful. As a group of lawyers we often had capacity constraints, and Luo Laoshi was able to be flexible and accommodating, even when we were undoubtedly frustrating her! The language training was always pitched at a good level, so that we could progress without feeling overwhelmed, and the cultural engagements immensely interesting. All of us at Norton Rose Fulbright that have engaged with Luo Laoshi over the past ten years recommend her wholeheartedly.

An artful teacher

Lucia Hau-Yoon has spent many years developing and refining her teaching methods. Her system is highly advanced and far out-performs other systems we have tried. Her language courses contain thousands of pages of manuals and hundreds of audio recordings, designed and produced by her personally. As a teacher, she is patient and flexible, yet assertive and encouraging and will pace her lessons on your personal performance, whilst ensuring you're constantly making progress. She carries with her a wealth of knowledge and we consider ourselves privileged to be learning from such an artful teacher. Since 2012 we have had well over a hundred lessons both in person and on Skype as well as outings to restaurants and markets. We continue to learn from Lucia and we highly recommend Mandarin Training Centre if you're serious about learning this challenging, wonderful and liberating language. You are welcome to email us should you require an further reference or information".

Inspires passion and enthusiasm

Upon returning to SA after a ten-year stint in China, I was determined to continue studying Mandarin Chinese, but I was obviously concerned about whether there were any teachers in Johannesburg that could adapt to my particular needs. I was referred to Ms Hau-Yoon, and to my great relief she instantly understood my requirements, and accurately identified the areas of my spoken and written ability that needed attention. Even though I studied with several highly regarded teachers during my time in China, Ms Hau-Yoon’s three decades of Mandarin teaching experience in South Africa lends a singular quality to her teaching. And beyond her professional ability, Ms Hau-Yoon also contributes another crucial ingredient for learning a new language: she inspires the passion and enthusiasm necessary for persevering in learning this most fascinating language.

Challenged to give my best

Having taken Mandarin lessons with Lucia for the last year or so has not only been educational, but fun as well. Every lesson is interactive and engaging and results in you looking forward to the next. Laoshi - “teacher” in Mandarin – and the name all of her students affectionately call her is welcoming of everyone. From the beginner to the proficient, laoshi is able to engage with all students at every level proficiently. I feel challenged to always give my best and this is a culture laoshi has cultivated in both her students and lessons. This I find has helped aid me in wanting to learn and, as best I can, practically apply my knowledge in reality. If you are wanting to learn the Mandarin language, Luo laoshi is best suited to aid you in achieving this.

Great learning tools

I have been taking Mandarin courses with Lucia for the past one and half years. I have particularly enjoyed being taught by Lucia – she makes what is a very difficult language very interesting to learn. Not only is she an excellent teacher of language, she is full of interesting facts about China, the country, its people, its culture and its history. Lucia has also developed an interesting and relevant syllabus and great learning tools to assist in learning the language. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody interested in learning Mandarin.

Strongly recommended

I have been attending classes with Lucia for the past two years. It has been extremely rewarding to start understanding, speaking and reading Mandarin. I live in Pretoria and although there are closer teachers I find the way this course is structured makes more sense as you learn to speak before you write. This is an important point as many students can read some characters but don’t have a clue how to speak or pronounce them.

The other point I would like to accentuate is the fact that the course material is practical and can be used almost immediately in everyday situations. I have come to respect Lucia as she is very dedicated and wants her students to derive value from her work and more importantly enjoy it. I can strongly recommend this for anyone wanting to travel to China or wanting to interact via business.

I haven't looked back

Nimen hao (hello every one), I've always been interested in Chinese language and culture, and at the end of 2012 I contacted Lucia (or Luo laoshi as I know her) at the Mandarin Training Center for a beginners course. I started the beginners course in January 2013 and I haven't looked back since! Learning Mandarin with Luo laoshi has been one of my best life experiences, I feel confident and inspired in my classes. I studied International Relations at university and not only has Mandarin enriched my learning experience at university, it's given me a unique edge on my CV and career options.

I feel confident when I am in class and, more importantly, I am capable to respond and participate. I found that Luo laoshi's style of teaching is very complementary to the student; for example she understands the student's level of learning, their capacity and speed. I have never had a teacher who is as genuine, patient, encouraging and enthusiastic about teaching.

I believe anyone can learn Mandarin; just come with an open mind, no expectations of yourself, and have fun because you will surprise yourself with how much you can do!

Equips you with knowledge

"Yue xue yue hao" - the more you learn the better you become ! The best way to learn one of the world's most widely spoken languages is to also learn about the history and traditions of China, making the learning experience invaluable. The Mandarin Training Center equips you with this knowledge and more!

Luo Laoshi makes learning Mandarin easy and approachable

Luo Laoshi makes learning Mandarin easy and approachable. I have never felt overwhelmed and it has been an incredibly fun process. Luo Loashi has endless patience and is a kind and gentle teacher. With a firm and dedicated approach, learning a language perceived as incredibly challenging feels achievable and natural. The setting is very pleasant and comfortable, and learning in a group has wonderful advantages. This is one of the best courses I have taken and it has left me feeling inspired and excited for my second year with Luo Laoshi.